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AI-Powered Digital Transformation for Contact Centers As A Service

Helping companies simply and successfully adopt cutting edge technologies

Our Mission

Our mission, through understanding our customers, is to introduce impactful and innovative technologies that improve business operations and customer experience.

The Need

Companies are seeking out digital transformation now more than ever to improve business outcomes

The Value

The executive team at Ascent Business Partners brings decades of technology and contact center experience to the table. From channel distribution to understanding the market landscape to implementing technologies, the ability of the team to walk companies through their AI-powered digital transformation needs is unparalleled.

The Landscape

With so many different AI technologies solving so many business issues, those wanting to embrace a full digital transformation must navigate a complex ecosystem of technology which can be confusing and overwhelming.

The Return on Investment

Ascent is exclusively working with companies that can quickly and clearly show a return on investment while continuing to partner with new companies that offer similar value to customers

Our Process

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Exploration of Needs

Deep understanding of the client's tech stack, utilization, and pain points. Ascent works to both understand and shape the objectives of the client's digital transformation journey. From here, relevant technologies are recommended to solve business needs 


Pilot and Implementation

Once technologies are explored and selected collectively by the client and Ascent, bespoke proof of concepts are created and the PoC process is managed by Ascent. Upon completion of successful PoCs, implementation and training kicks off the client goes into production


ROI & Expansion

With the assistance of and guidance from Ascent, return on investment is clearly measured and understood post-implementation. New revenue can be used to pursue additional digital transformation initiatives within other business groups and the organization


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Powered by
Carya Venture Partners

By leveraging the Carya Venture Partners portfolio companies, Ascent has direct access to cutting-edge AI and machine learning technologies that contact centers can easily leverage for drastic business improvements. Ascent has built relationships with all contact center-related portfolio companies and is familiar with each product’s unique value.


Based on customer needs, Ascent can recommend relevant technologies, act as the primary point of contact for ongoing support, and use these successes to drive additional digital transformation projects.

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